The history of SEDA

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Each time, SEDA Substrates is becoming a familiar brand to more professional growers, but where does SEDA come from?

Seda is the name of a Latvian town located at about 130km north of the capital, Riga. It was built in 1952 to house workers coming from all over the Soviet Union to work for the local peat extraction enterprise. Those days, peat was one of the main sources of energy for heating, and a railway was used to transport the peat straight from the bog to the capital.

Today, the village is the home of about 1000 people, and still many people work in the peat industry, more precisely on a large peat bog nearby called, you guess it, Seda! The big difference with those days is that the peat we produce today is used exclusively as a raw material for growing media, and the work in the bog is much more mechanized.

When it was decided within the Legro Group in 2021 to launch a portfolio of ready-made peat substrates for the professional market, we chose to use a name with a strong connection to our roots a name which had been used in the industry for decades and that is how SEDA Substrates was born!

Today, we are proud to say that, thanks to a network for qualified dealers, we already serve customers in nearly 30 countries worldwide, mainly professional growers producing vegetable seedlings.

But, since we are aiming to make SEDA Substrates available to growers in the most important horticultural regions globally, we are continuously looking for new dealers to join our network.

So, if you are active in supplies to professional horticulture and you are interested in becoming a SEDA dealer, please let us know! We are looking forward to talking to you!