16 Nov. 2019

New Legro casing soil

A new production site offers new product possibilities! In November, an article about our new casing soil appeared in Paddestoelen magazine.

Earlier this year, Legro Mushroom Casing Solutions in Cuijk opened a new production location for its casing soil. On a 9-hectare site, an impressive factory re-emerged (see also Mushrooms 3/2020). Product manager Ronald Vermunt: »Unlike before, at our new location we can store all incoming raw materials directly indoors. As a result, these products are minimally affected by outside factors, allowing us to guarantee the quality of raw materials even better. A great added value for product consistency.»

Besides ensuring optimum product quality, the new location also provides opportunities for further production development. »Within Legro, we continuously focus on delivering the best possible solution for our customer. At this new location, we can really live up to our name, Casing Solutions. This is how we work with our global customers to find the right solution for their crop. This does not always have to be casing soil immediately, we can also use our knowledge to make locally available raw materials applicable by adding one of our mix products. The arrival of our new location offers more opportunities as we literally have more space for this.»

New casing soil for manual harvesting
These developments have led to a new casing soil for manual harvesting in Legro’s portfolio. Vermunt explains: »By applying new mixing techniques, we have developed a product that answers the specific customer demand in the picking segment, where, among other things, a coarse structure of the casing soil is very important. This enables the grower to keep a grip on the quantity and also the distribution of the mushrooms, which benefits harvesting performance and quality. This, combined with good water management and porosity of the product, makes this picking earth a unique product. The sector is evolving and wishes and requirements for our products are changing. With the help of our new location, we can think along with the customer in this.»

Article was published in Mushrooms Magazine November 2020