Who we are

We are Legro, a proud and independent family business. We were founded in 1924 and the fourth generation of Swinkels is currently at the helm. At Legro raw materials are in our genes. With a love for our craft, we create consistent and very high-quality substrates. And wherever possible, we deliver them to our customers personally with our own transport fleet.

Our roots are firmly in the Dutch Brabant province, but we operate far beyond our national borders. We recognize that the need for food and food safety is increasing worldwide. We regard this as an enormous challenge. Because our modesty should never be mistaken for a lack of ambition We want to become better all the time, to develop ourselves and our products. This arises from ambition, but also from curiosity. We want to discover what more can be done. What lies beyond the horizon. What lies beyond the horizon. So we roll up our sleeves every day and work hard. On progress and innovation. On improvement. And growth. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities, for ourselves and our customers. We do this together. With great commitment, to each other and to the company. The Swinkels family is grateful for this commitment and engagement, and works just as hard as everyone else. At Legro, everyone is equal. nd modesty is a great virtue. We say what we think, and do what we promise. We work together, curse together, laugh together and, if necessary, cry together. We share our successes and learn from our mistakes. In this way, we make the company stronger, ready for the future, ready for the generations to come.

We aren’t governed by the clock, but by what needs to be done. We don’t go home until the work is finished. So we can give our customers exactly what they have requested. . Our guiding principle: to help feed the planet and improve our product, our company and our values.

Welcome to Legro.
Your blend for life.

At Legro, we’re passionate about soil substrates – some might even call us fanatics. We’re so fired up about them that we want to supply every single hardworking grower in the world with the best substrate for their crop. This is why we manage our entire production process and logistics ourselves. This way, we retain control over the entire supply chain and can maintain our own high standards.

Our main office is located in the Dutch city of Helmond. This is also where we produce our customised blends for tree nurseries, seedling and cutting production companies and soft fruit producers all over the world. We also produce private-label and consumer products. Our Topterra casing soils for mushroom cultivation are produced in locations in the Netherlands and Germany. A substantial part of our raw materials comes from our own peat fields in the Baltic states and our coir production location in India. Our sales offices are located in The Netherlands, Australia, the USA and Mexico.