Our transport

We select and blend the raw materials for our substrates with great care. We are proud of our products and will be pleased to deliver them right to your location. By using our own transport company we can be assured that our products will be transported with the same care as they were made. And because we provide our own transport, we can also guarantee the highest level of quality in our logistics.

Road transport fleet
Our 40 lorries keep our production locations supplied and make deliveries to our customers throughout north-western Europe. By scheduling our own logistics services, we can respond very quickly to your requests and preferences – 365 days a year.

We know about the diseases and pests that form a risk for agriculture and horticulture, so we also know how important hygiene is for our products. This is why we pay close attention to what our lorries transport and make use of our own facilities to clean them thoroughly.

As we see it, our first-class products should also have to travel first class.

Export containers
Every week, we transport hundreds of export containers over land and sea to destinations throughout the world. Because we work closely with a carefully selected network of carriers, you will always receive exactly what you ordered when you need it: quickly and with no worries on your part.