Our raw materials

The production process extends further than our individual production locations: it also includes the entire supply chain for potting compost. Legro guarantees raw materials of consistently high quality because the Legro group invests in the extraction of its peat and the processing of its coir. Its peat fields in Estonia and Latvia are carefully mined with respect for the value of the site for the local environment. The same applies to the production locations in India where coconut husks are processed into high-quality coir substrate.


Peat is the basic raw material used in our substrates. We own around 3000 hectares of peat fields in Estonia and Latvia, where we extract and process high-quality peat

into both milled and sod peat. The peat for milled peat is harvested mechanically, while the peat for sod peat is cut mechanically and stacked manually to dry.

Our peat fields can assure us of enough of the best raw materials for our substrates and casing soils for the next 50 years. In other words, for the next generations.


Coir, which we have been sourcing from India for more than 20 years, is an essential raw material for our high-quality blends.

From coconuts to substrate
Our production location in India produces important ingredients for our blends: coir dust and coir fibre. This process begins by combing the coconut husk fibres (not the coconut itself). This separates the fibres from the dust. We then wash and buffer the dust to remove undesirable elements (sodium and potassium). What remains is an extremely stable ingredient for our blends requiring a low EC value.