Our quality

What you want in a substrate is a consistent stable blend. This is exactly why we subject our products to continuous testing and monitoring, both in our own laboratories and in cooperation with other accredited laboratories.

We subject our substrates to ongoing regular and random testing and operate in compliance with the strict RHP criteria. This way, we know that our products meet our specifications and that you will always be assured of the very highest quality.

Research and innovation
We want to work together with you to improve your operations, so sharing expertise and experience is crucial. At our specialised research stations, field trial sites and our own production locations,

we work side by side with growers all over the world to develop new methods and better products.

Our key to success
We believe that our key to success is the passion of our current and future generations for innovation in raw materials and processes.


RHP-certified substrates guarantee the best possible crop results. After all, nothing should be left to chance. The RHP quality mark for horticultural products is as dynamic as professional horticulture itself; it’s always changing in response to the latest developments. Potting composts and all other raw materials with the RHP quality mark for horticulture have to satisfy chemical and physical requirements, contain almost no weed material and be free of pathogens that could damage plants. These products have to be pure and clean so that they pose no risks to the crops grown in them.