Our story

At Legro, we’re passionate about soil substrates – some might even call us fanatics. We’re so fired up about them that we want to supply every single hardworking grower in the world with the best substrate for their crop. This is why we manage our entire production process and logistics ourselves. This way, we retain control over the entire supply chain and can maintain our own high standards.

Our main office is located in the Dutch city of Helmond. This is also where we produce our customised blends for tree nurseries, production companies of young plants from seed and cuttings and soft fruit producers all over the world. We also produce private-label and consumer products. Our Topterra casing soils for mushroom cultivation are produced in locations

in the Netherlands and Germany. A substantial part of our raw materials comes from our own peat fields in the Baltic states and our coir production location in India. Our sales offices are located in The Netherlands, Australia, the USA and Mexico.