27 Jan. 2021


Two leading producers in the substrate industry announce that they will join forces. The Dutch substrate producer and supplier Legro, has purchased 50% shares in Botanicoir, the British/Sri Lankan coir manufacturer.

This partnership will enable Botanicoir to make the necessary investments to cater to the increasing global demand for compressed coir products and to accelerate new product development. Both companies have a reputation for innovation in the substrate industry and combining their expertise will further strengthen that position.

Botanicoir Managing Director, Kalum Balasuriya, says, “We feel that Legro is a very good match for us in terms of company culture. Trust, transparency, quality and customer focus are at the heart of everything we do, and Legro shares these same values.”

He goes on to explain, “Both companies will continue to operate independently and there will be no change to the way we do business. It is more of a long-term decision, looking towards the future to meet customer needs and aspirations of growth and innovation. Between the two companies we have the experience and the means to take the next step forwards in leading the substrate industry in technological advances and product R&D.”

“The market is changing as growers deal with more and more challenges,” says Legro’s Commercial Director, Ted Buis, “We need to step up and do our part to face these challenges in any way we can. By taking this important step together, both Botanicoir and Legro can widen their product portfolio and market presence to support our customers”.

Both Botanicoir and Legro continue to be family run businesses and both pride themselves on offering exceptional quality products and service to a global customer base. The synergy is strong between the two companies and comes with an ethos that runs deep throughout both organisations.

About Botanicoir
Botanicoir is a family company, still headed up by its founders, Kalum and Samantha Balasuriya. With their sales and marketing office in the UK and production facilities in Sri Lanka and India, they have full control of the production process to guarantee quality supply to the global market. Botanicoir has a dedicated team offering bespoke products to suit growers needs, primarily focused on compressed coir products for the commercial soft fruit and vegetable sectors. Their philosophy is simple: To provide products of the highest quality to customers and work hand in hand with them to innovate and grow together.


About Legro
With a history and experience of almost 100 years, Legro has grown to be one of the biggest substrate producers around the world. Founded in 1924 with the fourth generation currently at the helm. Together with 250 employees, divided over 9 countries, they team up and strive every day on producing the best, tailormade substrates and casing soils to serve their customers, all around the globe, in the best way possible. Quality is one of Legro’s core values. In order to meet their high standards they like to manage the entire process on their own and therefore own their own peat fields and transport company.